GE35 Range Extender

Keep your drone in the air longer than ever before.

Fly Longer, Fly Further

Upgrade your heavy lift drone with a power source that can extend your flight times for up to 2 hours.

High Endurance Flights

Designed specifically for portable drone applications, the GE35 Range Extender can provide the power you need in a lightweight and compact design. Outfit your drone with a Pegasus hybrid power source and experience industry leading flight times today.

Smart Control System

Engineered with the end user in mind, the onboard control module handles the complexity of fuel requirements, variable power draw, temperature control and many more. No experience is needed to operate our system, simply plug into your drone as you would with a normal battery.

Logistical Efficiency

Built for widespread use, the GE35 Range Extender operates off of inexpensive and universally available petrol fuel. Reduce logistics and operational expenses by decreasing operator downtime and preventing the need for multiple expensive batteries and a mobile charging station.

Technical Specifications

Base Weight: 2.60Kg

Max Continuous Power Output: 2,000W

Max System Output: 4,000W

Operational Voltage: 24V (6S) through 50V (12S)

Cooling: Liquid-Cooled, External Radiator

Starting Method: Self Starting

Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injected, ECU Controlled

Interface Protocol: CAN, Serial

Initial Time Between Overhaul: 200 Hours

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Hybrid Architecture

The GE35 Range Extender uses advanced patent-pending power electronics to control the hybrid power system. By using the high power density of lithium batteries combined with the energy density of gasoline, the GE35 makes the ideal power source for drones requiring rapid power response and high endurance. Pegasus technology reduces the minimum size of the battery required for the hybrid system, freeing up weight for more advanced payloads and giving the operator added flexibility in the choice of hybrid battery based on the specific mission requirements.


Designed from the ground up with a strong focus on weight reduction and adaptability, the GE35 can be easily mounted to any drone that meets our power requirements. Contact us to to receive a quote for outfitting your drone with a GE35 powertrain today.

Self Starting

There is no need for a clunky ripcord or the unnecessary weight of a second starter motor. The GE35 acts as both the generator and the starter motor. Simply plug our controller into an auxiliary output and control the self-starting capability with the flick of a switch from your transmitter. In-air shutoff and restart is also possible to get the perfect shot.

On-Board Diagnostics

Each subsystem of the GE35 is CAN enabled with a self-diagnostic capability. Our supervisor controller monitors the status and odometer of all subsystems and relays the information directly to the ground station.

Electronic Fuel Injection

Equipped with an electronic fuel injection system, the GE35 can be operated by any user in any environment with no prior engine experience. Simply start the engine and let the onboard engine control unit handle the power requirements in a wide range of operating conditions.

Wide Voltage Range

Our smart generator control system can accomodate any drone operating between 24V to 50V. No additional hardware is needed; simply plug in any battery between 6S and 12S.