What We Do

Pegasus Aeronautics is developing a lightweight hybrid powertrain which can be easily mounted to a mass manufactured heavy lift drone in order to significantly improve multi-rotor flight times. Our goal is to industrialize the use of drones by designing a cost effective and reliable alternative power source to conventional lithium-polymer batteries.

Our technology intends to bridge the gap between low cost, limited performance surveillance capabilities of small drones and high cost, manned, small aircraft capabilities. By providing a powertrain designed for a mass manufactured multi-rotor platform, our customers can finally achieve the flight times they require without the need to purchase an entirely new platform.

Why We Are Building

Industrial inspection, cinematography and aerial surveying are just a few of many industries that have adopted the use of drones that can strongly benefit from longer flight times. Businesses have invested a substantial amount of money to accumulate not only an entire fleet of drones but also a large bank of batteries to power their aircraft for a full day of work. One battery for a heavy payload industrial inspection sized drones costs approximately $500 CAD at a minimum to provide only 15 minutes of flight time. Companies have purchased on the order of 10 or more batteries to power their entire fleet for one day which can become extremely expensive, especially when these batteries only last for 500 charges.

Pegasus Aeronautics is designing an alternative solution to not only cut operational costs of other businesses' drone fleets, but to also provide additional benefits to make these fleets more productive. The Pegasus GE35 Range Extender has the capability to provide the power needed in a similar sized package to the industry standard battery while also decreasing operational costs, reducing operator downtime, increasing total available flight time significantly and improving service life.

Who We Are

We are a group of seven mechanical, mechatronics and electrical engineering graduates from the University of Waterloo. We have a wide range of work experience and various backgrounds with a strong focus in engine integration, power electronics design and controls engineering which has granted us the skillset required to develop our product.

Pegasus receives support from numerous reputable sources and government funded programs including AC Jumpstart, MaRS and Velocity. We work very closely with a number of mentors with a wide range of industry experience to receive advice concerning business strategy, market development and financial guidance.


Matthew McRoberts

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder


Joseph Kinsella

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder


Jonathan Biskey

Chief Production Officer & Co-Founder


Curtis Pan

Chief Financial Officer


Ryan Cockton

Mechanical Engineering Manager


Carl Engelmann

Electrical Engineering Manager


Michael Turner

Mechanical Engineer - Design & Testing


Doug Kneebone

Business Advisor - Corporate Law


Bob Stratton

Business Advisor - Patent Law